Viveo Health

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Viveo Health is a telemedicine platform that allows each doctor to sign up and see patients remotely via video link or meet in person. Meanwhile, the patient can avoid waiting in line and quickly contact the doctor to discuss health issues.

Responsibility areas

In cooperation with Viveo team, M-One has been responsible for

Product management

Product design

Architecture design

DevOps processes

Node.js / NestJS development

Angular development

Flutter development

Corporate website design and development

Quality assurance

Technical documentation

… and many more


Engineers involved


Total hours spent


Tasks completed


The M-One team has been with Viveo Health since the beginning. In cooperation with Viveo Health team and the stakeholders, we have established and managed the fluent flow of the product growth and development processes of the platform.

Roadmap planning, platform architecture design for both web and mobile, coding and with best practices and refactoring were the main focus for our team.

We have been working hard on a Viveo Health platform and for almost 3 years and developed stable version of the following modules:

  • doctor’s dashboard including appointment lists, video calls, calendar and scheduling and many more
  • patient profile including health records, chronical deceases, prescriptions and lab tests
  • mobile app for the patient to schedule an online meeting, get help and following prescription for the pharmacy
  • module for employer to manage health insurance packages of the employees
  • … and many more

Viveo Health has received positive feedback from thousands of customers over the world who use the platform as a main source for the health related issues. During the time of cooperation with M-One, Viveo Health has raised 2.5m EUR from several investors.

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