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Viveo Health

Design  •  Web  •  CRM  •  iOS / Android

We are working on a telemedicine system that allows each doctor to sign up and see his patients remotely via video link or meet in person.


Design  •  Web  •  CRM aims to raise the cyber security awareness level of companies’ employees by its Breach AI engine and next-generation awareness training laser-focused on individual weaknesses through its Teach AI.


Design  •  Web  •  CRM  •  iOS / Android

JITMeal is a system of software products to provide multi-restaurant order, menu, inventory, delivery, cash shifts management through the multiple applications


Design  •  Web  •  iOS / Android

Nextcent is a place that financial stuff finally makes sense. All you need to know about investing and growing your money from scratch. Bite-size and digestible financial education brought into one easy-to-use and trustworthy place.


Web  •  iOS / Android

Fudy is a food delivery platform which consists of 6 main modules, 3 Web applications – Admin, Manager and Support dashboards, and 3 Mobile applications – Customer, Kitchen and Courier.

Web  •  CRM  •  iOS / Android

Perfect.Live is a premier lifestyle management application built for the use of private users worldwide and as a concierge back-office to connect with clients.


iOS / Android

Admirals Academy is an educational app that enhances the trading platform experience. It offers diverse resources like courses, webinars, and podcasts to improve trading and investing skills. Users can also practice trading in a risk-free environment using the demo account feature.


iOS / Android

Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a range of tools and services to help traders effectively manage their digital assets. It provides a unified interface that connects to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to access and trade on various platforms from a single dashboard.

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