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Nextcent is a place that financial stuff finally makes sense. All you need to know about investing and growing your money from scratch. Bite-size and digestible financial education brought into one easy-to-use and trustworthy place.

Responsibility areas

In cooperation with Nextcent team, M-One has been responsible for

Product management

Architecture design

DevOps processes

Node.js / NestJS development

Flutter development

Corporate website development

Technical documentation

… and many more


Engineers involved


Total hours spent


Tasks completed


The M-One team has been with Nextcent since the beginning. In cooperation with Nextcent stakeholders, we have been planning the product development of the platform. Roadmap planning, platform architecture design for mobile, coding with best practices and refactoring were the main focus for our team.

In a very short period of time the M-One team managed to develop a stable version of the following features:

  • educational platform which allows to learn from top instructors enrolled in leading universities and companies
  • take quizzes, set goals and get achievements, as well as track learning progress
  • enroll in any of multiple free courses as well as subject matter companies, such as Binance, Kraken, Crypto and etc., as well as by the Nextcent and get certificates
  • explore content in investing, trading and more.

Nextcent is in an active development phase and will be public shortly.

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