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JITMeal is a system of software products to provide multi-restaurant order, menu, inventory, delivery, cash shifts management through the multiple applications

Responsibility areas

In cooperation with JITMeal team, M-One has been responsible for

Product management

Product design

DevOps processes

.NET development

Angular development

Flutter development

Quality assurance

… and many more


Engineers involved


Total hours spent


Tasks completed


The M-One team has established and managed the fluent flow of the product growth and development processes of JITMeal platform. Product formulation and inclusion in the roadmap, platform architecture design for both web and mobile, coding and with best practices and refactoring were the main focus for our team.

In a very short period of time the M-One team managed to develop a stable version of the following products:

  • back-office web application
  • POS-terminal mobile & web applications
  • restaurant mobile & web applications
  • courier mobile application
  • print server

JITMeal has launched it’s MVP and gaining rapidly the customer base. It has received positive feedback from multiple customers and investors, who believe in the future of the platform.

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