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Fudy is a food delivery platform which consists of 6 main modules, 3 Web applications – Admin, Manager and Support dashboards, and 3 Mobile applications – Customer, Kitchen and Courier.

Responsibility areas

In cooperation with Fudy team, M-One has been responsible for

Product management

Architecture design

DevOps processes

Node.js / NestJS development

Angular development

Flutter development

Quality assurance

Technical documentation

… and many more


Engineers involved


Total hours spent


Tasks completed


The M-One team has been fully involved into the product design and development since the beginning of the project. Main difficulties and challenges were:

  • We had to do research to find problems which our competitors (Uber eats, Wolt, Bolt food, etc.) had, and designed architecture based on it.
  • Applications are based on microservices, able to scale based on its load and make it possible to do it automatically without interaction.
  • Integrated advanced caching system to avoid bunch requests to the database.
  • Implemented Courier search logic and algorithm, to efficiently find the nearest courier.

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